Cyber Security Research

Sharpening the instrument of transformation by bringing together cutting-edge community engaged research in a continuously evolving landscape.



The Strategic Research Division of CyberSecurity Malaysia is responsible for developing, coordinating and stimulating a continuous research activity at CyberSecurity Malaysia within the cyber security domain.


CyberSecurity Malaysia's Strategic Research Division is headed by a Senior Vice President, who has an overall administrative responsibility to plan, execute and accomplish strategic research directions and framework of CyberSecurity Malaysia.


In addition, the Senior Vice President is also expected to oversee the various different departments' research activities within CyberSecurity Malaysia that aim to shape and influence the nation's cyber security strategic environment and coordinate research collaborations with other research institutions, higher learning institutions and private sectors. Together, this will create the synergy for a successful Research and Development in information security


The Research Division has three departments namely;

  1. Strategic Research and Advisory (SRA),

  3. Knowledge Management Center (KMC); and

  5. Cyber Action & Intelligence Team (CAIT)


Strategic Research and Advisory aims to produce high quality research and studies papers in the field of information security as one of the reliable sources for decision makers at the strategic level. We also provide strategic advice and feedback to stakeholders' enquiries on cyber security matters. In addition, we spearhead and establish new initiatives - such as collaborations with relevant local and international parties, and implementation of cyber security technologies.