Corporate Logo

An unquenchable faith to achieve more than the miracles of technology and the promise of future accomplishments...


Logo & Rationale


The two sets of vertical slats represent gates, which CyberSecurity Malaysia has set up to protect Malaysia’s cyberspace. The font chosen reflects the hi-tech industry that we monitor whilst the grey colour in the design represents the many grey areas that pervade the industry and our efforts to help you understand and comprehend such situation. The orange colour serves as a warning beacon to anyone thinking of abusing or threatening Malaysia's cyberspace.



Cursor Icon & Rationale


The cursor icon is an important element in our branding designs and should be used in all appropriate situations. Its design is the reverse of a normal computer cursor icon, which signifies that CyberSecurity Malaysia has the capability to track and nullify every malicious action committed on a computer. It consists of a collection of dots, which represent the various tools, skills and people at our disposal that we can call upon to do our job. The colour used is consistent with the overall brand colours, and in this case sends out a clear warning to anyone who has any intention of committing any crime in cyberspace.