Malaysian Security Evaluation Facility (MySEF)

MySEF (Malaysian Security Evaluation Facility)


MySEF is a licensed evaluation facility under Malaysian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification (MyCC) Scheme. It aims to create a safe and reliable computing environment through the provision of ICT security evaluation.


MySEF provides expertise in ICT Security Evaluation and Testing Services as follow:


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Evaluation and Assessment Service



Evaluation and Assessment Service is an independent evaluation facility by CSM MySEF to evaluate the ICT products and systems under various certifications schemes or initiatives, namely Common Criteria Evaluation & Certification (MyCC), Technology Security Assurance (TSA) and ICT Product Security Assessment (IPSA).





Cloud Security Services



Cloud Security Services is a niche security service on cloud computing, focusing on cloud computing implementation on all types of cloud services model (IaaS,PaaS and SaaS). This service is provided to Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Service Subscribers and Cloud Service Brokers which allow organizations to ensure secured cloud deployment and service subscription.





Advisory Services



Advisory Services provides technical services and advisories to existing and potential CC laboratories, in terms of developing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and preparing for accreditation.





Laboratory Services



Laboratory Services is offered to external laboratories for laboratory/equipment rental and Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) exercise.

  • ISO 17025 Professional Laboratory Service and Equipment rental for ICT products testing and evaluation services
  • Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) exercise is mandatory for any ISO/IEC 17025 Test Lab in Malaysia. CSM MySEF offers this service based on the Scope of Work (SOW) agreed by both Test Labs which covers security evaluations, security functional testing or penetration testing





Common Criteria , Cloud Security and Smart Card Security Training Services.



Extensive training on niche subjects, we also provide specialized trainings, contact us directlly for more information.