Government & International Engagement

Our strategic engagement with the Malaysian Government is aimed at identifying and driving various government collaborations, working relations and activities to advocate the cyber security agenda.


Other than engaging local stakeholders, we also have a International Strategic Engagement Programme to facilitate cross-border cooperation.


CyberSecurity Malaysia is the co-founder of the Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation - Computer Emergency Response Team (OIC-CERT). Since the formation of these two collaborative platforms, CyberSecurity Malaysia has been playing a very active roles as Steering Committee member. In recognition of these efforts, CyberSecurity Malaysia has been appointed as the Chair and upon reaching end of the term, CyberSecurity Malaysia was elected as the Permanent Secretariat of the OIC-CERT. In APCERT, CyberSecurity Malaysia has been appointed as the Deputy Chair.




Government Engagement



Government Engagement offers strategic engagement services with stakeholders within the Malaysian Government. It aims to identify and lead various cyber security programs, collaborations, working relations and activities to advocate and enhance the prominence of cyber security agenda for the nation. CyberSecurity Malaysia is also the administrator for the Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) portal.





International Engagement



International Engagement provides multilateral relations service to enhance cyber security corporation globally among the Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and other information security organizations. It assists CyberSecurity Malaysia to establish and support cross border collaboration, bilateral and multilateral platforms in the effort to achieve a safe and secured cyber space.