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ID Code : CSC 0025
Title : iOS Anti-Forensics: How Can We Securely Conceal, Delete and Insert Data?
Author/s : Christian D'Orazio
Aswami Ariffin
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
Abstract : With increasing popularity of smart mobile devices such as iOS devices, security and privacy concerns have emerged as a salient area of inquiry. A relatively under-studied area is anti-mobile forensics to prevent or inhibit forensic investigations. In this paper, we propose a "Concealment" technique to enhance the security of non-protected (Class D) data that is at rest on iOS devices, as well as a "Deletion" technique to reinforce data deletion from iOS devices. We also demonstrate how our "Insertion" technique can be used to insert data into iOS devices surreptitiously that would be hard to pick up in a forensic investigation.
Publication : 7th Hawaii International Conference on System Science
Year Published : 2014|4838-4847|IEEE Conference Proceeding
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