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ID Code : CSC 0040
Title : Implementing a CBR Recommender for Honeypot Configuration Using jCOLIBRI
Author/s : Wira Zanoramy Zakaria;
and Miss Laiha Mat Kiah [UM]
Abstract : A dynamic and intelligent honeypot have the ability to learn the behavior of the network and automatically configures itself. This research proposed the Case-based Reasoning (CBR) methodology to realize a CBR recommender system for the domain of honeypot configuration and deployment. The prototype recommender system is built using a Java- based CBR framework, jCOLIBRI. This paper describes about the architecture of the proposed system, case-base, case representation, case retrieval, case reuse and case revise. The case-base for this system is built with an initial set of 10 honeypot cases contained within the case-base
Publication : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Mathematics 2014
Year Published :

2014|232-236|Conference Proceeding

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