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ID Code : CSC 0050
Title : A Qualitative Analysis For Evaluating A Cyber Terrorism Framework in Malaysia
Author/s : Zahri Yunos, Rabiah Ahmad & Nor Amalina Mohd Sabri
Abstract : Terrorist cyber attacks on Critical National Information Infrastructure are possible where motives, resources, and willingness to conduct operations against specific targets influence people to conduct such actions. However, there is no universally accepted definition of cyber terrorism, which seems to be a fundamental challenge in countering cyber terrorism threats. A schematic study has been conducted to discover various definitions of related terms used in this area. Although many policy makers and scholars have studied and provided the concept of cyber terrorism, some of the definitions are static and some are fragmented. Thus, in this research components that constitute cyber terrorism are explored, and the study is supported by systematic validation and an appropriate evaluation mechanism for the proposed components. The introduction of this paper indicates that the nature of cyber terrorism should be formulated from six perspectives: motivation, target, tools of attack, domain, method of action, and impact. According to our observations, there are both similarities and differences in views regarding the proposed cyber terrorism conceptual framework.
Publication : Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective
Year Published : 2015
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