Malaysian Government Web Site Remains Defaced
By Adam Creed
24th January 2001 (Newsbytes)

A Malaysian Government Web site remains defaced today - it was one of the Web sites vandalized in a recent spate of attacks by a group known as Prime Suspectz.

Tourists interested in what Malaysia has to offer would have drawn a Net blank from the country's official tourism site.

The Web site of Malaysia's national tourism agency, Tourism Malaysia, was still online in its defaced state on Wednesday evening.

The attack came alongside a high-profile defacement on Tuesday of the New Zealand Web site of Microsoft Corp. [NASDAQ:MSFT].

Prime Suspectz also claimed responsibility for that attack, and have- in the past- defaced Nike Brazil, Panasonic Italy, BMW France and Ford's media site (on Monday).

A hacker intrusion on the Malaysian Parliament's Web site at the beginning of the year generated criticism from officials who claim the government has taken a slapdash approach to Internet security. Fifty of the government's 700 Web sites have so far been hacked.

Tourism Malaysia is on the Web at .