Principles Guidelines
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General Information Security Best Practices
Information Security Best Practice : Securing Blackberry Download : pdf (4.12 MB)
Social Network Sites Download : pdf (1.75MB)
Online Identity Theft Download : (4.3MB)
Web Browsing: Play It Smart, Don't Be Played!Download : pdf (3.8MB)
Best Practices Protecting Your Mobile DeviceDownload : pdf (36kb)
CyberstalkingDownload : pdf (574kb)
Safe Online GamingDownload : pdf (715kb)
Safer Internet SurfingDownload : pdf (764kb)
Social NetworkingDownload : pdf (980kb)
Online shoppingDownload : pdf (30kb)
Online bankingDownload : pdf (53kb)

General Information Security Guidelines
Guideline to Determine Information Security Professionals Requirements for the CNII Agencies / Organisations Download : pdf (627kb)
ISMS Implementation Guideline Download : pdf (2.6MB)
Guidelines for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Download : pdf (805kb)
Code of Ethics for Information Security Professionals Download : pdf (504kb)
Guidelines on Information Security in ICT OutsourcingDownload : pdf (3MB)
Guidelines on Computer SecurityDownload : pdf (4MB)
Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Security GuidelineDownload : pdf (1.52MB)
3rd Party Information Security Assessment GuidelineDownload : pdf (1.53MB)