Media Releases

Year 2009

Date Release

Internet Users Beware: Phishing Attempts Rising
17 Dec 2009
Cyber Volunteers Unite to Help Bridge Digital Divide at the 1st ASEAN Cyber Volunteers Development Course
15 Dec 2009
National Security Council and CyberSecurity Malaysia Collaborate to Conduct National Cyber Drill X-MAYA2
10 Dec 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia Launches Malware Research Centre
01 Dec 2009
Global Experts Discuss Challenges of Dynamic Cyber Landscape at CyberSecurity Malaysia Information Security Networking Event
30 Nov 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia Establishes Malware Research Centre
25 Nov 2009
World Computer Security Day 30 Nov 2009 to raise awareness on computer security issues
12 Nov 2009
Pelancaran Pusat Multimedia Al-Jazari
17 Sep 2009
Malaysian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification (MyCC) Scheme and Financial Assistance to SMEs under the scheme
14 Aug 2009
Cyber Security Awareness For Everyone (CyberSAFE) CyberSAFE seminar for the public in Miri, Sarawak Launching of CyberSAFE portal by YB Hj. Fadillah bin Yusof
09 Aug 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia Is Giving Free Awareness Talks For The Public During MISTI MOSTI & Regatta Sarawak 2009
28 Jul 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia Launches Malaysia Cyber Security Awards
08 Jul 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia Organises Family Values And Internet Safety Awareness Seminar
08 Jul 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia Anjur Seminar Kesedaran Nilai-Nilai Kekeluargaan Dan Keselamatan Internet
08 Jul 2009
Security To Be Top Of The Agenda As Global Experts Converge In Kuala Lumpur For ‘Cyber Security Malaysia SecureAsia@KL 2009'
07 Jul 2009
Businesses, Individuals And Children Are At Risk As Criminals Switch To Cyberspace And Internet For Preys
19 Jun 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia issues advisory on a new variant of malicious worm, Conficker.C
27 Mac 2009
CyberSecurity Malaysia Received The Brandlaureate Award For Brand Excellence
19 Jan 2009
Malaysia Menjadi Tuan Rumah Seminar Pertama "OIC-CERT" 2009
13 Jan 2009
Malaysia Hosts 1st OIC-CERT Seminar 2009
13 Jan 2009
Corporate Profile
12 Jan 2009
Fast Fact on CyberSecurity Malaysia
12 Jan 2009